Boiron Homeoplasmine Extra Large 40g

A non greasy, matte homeopathic ointment that makes lackluster skin into hydrated glowing skin, and transforms dry flaky lips into soft. Meant for skin irritations, it's also a life-saver when it comes to dry, winter-ravaged skin. It's a multi-purpose ointment that soothes, protects and moisturizes the skin. A little bit like Aquafor, sans the sheen and more natural. What I love about this stuff is that it's not at all greasy like 8-Hour cream. In fact, it kind of has an au naturel, matte finish. And it is KILLER for dry lips, literally reattaching the flakey skin and filling in the cracks for hydration without the sheen. Perfect to use prior to makeup for a smooth, silky palette. So great for all flaky, dry areas including sun or wind burn. A little goes a long way and the ointment penetrates for hours.

- soothes irritated skin with plant extracts and emollients

- mattifies skin for a smooth finish without making it look greasy

- a lips best friend, treats dryness and flakiness without feeling too shiny

- secret weapon of makeup artists --excellent as a primer both face and lips

- mildly antiseptic--eliminates acne and heals burns

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