AR Medical Application Support

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I get the message: "Error in page file. Application package is invalid."?

This message is generated from Google Play Store app. You may have filled up a cache area for the download/install routine and the cache needs to be cleared out. One way to clear the cache is to power the phone off, then power it back on.

How to clear cache on Google Play app?

1. Go to applications -> manage applications

2. Find Google Play app

3. Clear cache

Why does the app ask me to update it every time I open it and when I do try to update it, it doesn't work?

1. The app has a license protection and must be installed from Play Google Store. All installations from untrusted sources will fail to update the database or wont work. This measure has been taken to protect users from modified app packages with included viruses or spam. Please check - Google Services are running & GS clear cache to force re-check.

2. Another reason to fail database download is weak internet connection.

3. The third reason may be Google Play Store app (cache need to be cleared).

I am unable to update on Xperia S lt26i. I tried to sync with database but force closes on the first attempt. What should I do?

1. The update requires some memory (~20mb) to be available in the app. Over the application usage Android OS reduces allocated memory. Hence you may want to re-try the database sync immediately after application launch. Further more, our app has a partial auto database update, scheduled in the background.

2. Hardware requirements:

-RAM more than 900MB

-Processor CPU more than 1GHz

Does the app always need internet? Is not of much use if I am offline?

OFFLINE EMERGENCY TOOL - works without Internet connectivity after initial sync. After installing from Google Play, it requires Internet connection to download database from our servers infrastructure & access to Google License Service. After successful initialization, our application does not require Internet. The easiest way to check is to set device in airplane mode.

None of the links open. Download failed. I can't access anything but the main screen. There was absolutely NOTHING in this app except an anatomical person. Every action elicited an error. What should I do?

This issue is due to incomplete database download from our server infrastructure. The mandatory check was included in version 1.8.4. Now if the database on the device does not match with server will return you back to Update screen and let you download completely.

Can I move App to SD card?

App can't be moved to SD card due to copyright and users security protection.